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Product Application

Mainly used in electronics, medical, automotive, packaging, small appliances, acoustics and other fields


The electronic protection products of our products are widely used in handheld terminals, sensors, gas detectors, wearing, hearing AIDS, video cameras, digital cameras, underwater equipment and testing instruments. There are many kinds of products, including adhesive-backed products, seals, air plugs and other injection products designed with customers.

The protection level of these products used in electronic industry is as high as IP65, IP67, IP68, etc. While ensuring high-quality air permeability, the integrity of the seal and the reliability of electronic components are ensured.



Waterproof and sound-permeable protective products are widely used in smart phones, handheld terminals, wearables, hearing AIDS, walkie-talkies, digital cameras, Bluetooth headphones and audio, music toothbrush and other fields. 

Waterproof breathable acoustic products up to IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection grade, at the same time in the waterproof sound loss less than 1.5 dB (1 KHZ), without changing the microphone, receiver, the transmission of sound quality in areas such as the speaker


Small Appliances

For electric shaver and electric toothbrush, suction machine, dry and wet vacuum cleaner, water purifier and soybean milk machine products are mainly adhesive, breathable plug and so on.

Small household appliances generally refer to small power and small size household appliances. Many small appliances use motors, which generate heat when they run. If such small appliances need to be in contact with water during use or cleaning, they must be completely sealed. At the same time, it is necessary to release the heat generated by the motor to ensure the reliability of the small appliances during operation. 

Therefore, more and more small household appliances begin to use protective products with breathable function. At the same time, some small appliances use nickel-metal hydride batteries to drive motors, which produce hydrogen when they run. So you also need to use products that are both breathable and protective.



Application: fistula bag; Urine bag; Pressure converter; Surgical suction filter; Surgical smoke filter; Meridian injection breathable system; Hemodialysis probe protection device; Needle tip breathable device; Infusion line breathable device Medical equipment and clinical products have high requirements for protective products. In addition to being able to filter out almost all dust, bacteria and viruses, it is also required to be able to hold back water and liquids. And the protective products are required to maintain excellent breathability after contact with water and liquid. 

Specially designed for medical industry protection product can completely meet the requirements of medical industries demanding protection products. Xin gourmet protection product for medical use is mainly used for colostomy bag, urine bag, pressure transducer, suction filter surgery, surgical smoke filter, intravenous venting system, the blood dialysis probe protection device, needlepoint venting device, iv venting device, etc. The colostomy bag uses adsorbent products. Urine bag manufacturers will generally choose Xin acura cut film. Manufacturers such as pressure converters and surgical suction filters use injection-molded products to ensure seal performance.



Application: automotive headlights; ECU. Oxygen sensor; Motor for automobiles.

Car headlights
There are many kinds of automobile lamps. Including headlights, fog lights, taillights, signal lights, indicators, turn signals and so on. For the headlight, on a rainy day or high humidity environment often encounter the problem of fog, so we need to quickly dispersed the fog, part of the headlamps with direct connect the structure of the atmosphere, headlights off caused by negative pressure can into the external moisture, so that the fog scene is more serious, and can cause damage to light within the element, Xin gourmet and high breathable breathable hat with a back film good solves the problem of car headlights are scattered fog, while quickly dispersed the fog, and can provide excellent protection in the operation process of headlight, block the invasion of the outside water and dust, etc. Install Xin gourmet protection product car headlights even in extreme conditions, also has excellent luminous property and run smoothly for a long time. For fog lights, taillights, signal lights, indicators, turn signals and other lamps, although the light element power is not as big as the headlights, but the space is relatively small, so the same need for good air permeability, high protection performance of the protective products. Xin acura for a variety of car headlights and tailored to the applicable products, good can solve the problem of all kinds of lights protection, improve the reliability of the car headlights, prolong the service life of car headlights, and shorten the design and assembly time. Xin acura thin oil film can also help the car headlights block from gasoline, diesel oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil pollution.

Motor vehicle
Automotive motors that require breathable film include rocker motors, wiper motors, sunroof motors, starter motors, oil pump motors, etc. For the rocking window motor, because the rocking window motor is assembled under the door glass, the water is easy to splash on the motor when washing the car, so the motor waterproof requirements are relatively high. At present, most rocker motors adopt the fully sealed design, which is easy to produce pressure difference inside and outside the motor after the motor operation generates temperature rise, resulting in the damage of the weakest seal. At this time, the motor needs a breathing apparatus to balance the internal and external pressure difference. Xin acura breathable membrane is precisely this effect, it can pass gas, balance inside and outside differential pressure, and can prevent water and all kinds of oil into the motor, motor really achieve fully sealed waterproof design requirements, improve the reliability of the motor car. Xin acura for a variety of motor vehicle to tailor the appropriate air products, including TPV respirator, bring back rubber products and welding of diaphragm.



Application: pesticide industry, fertilizer industry, consumer goods industry, industrial chemicals industry

Protective products are widely used in pesticide, fertilizer, consumer goods, industrial chemicals and other industries. For chemical drums and containers used in these industries, the following problems are common before the use of good air permeability protective products:

* Chemical drums and containers will experience changes in air pressure and temperature during transportation, resulting in changes in internal pressure, resulting in expansion and depression of the shell, which will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the reliability of its use.

* Some chemicals are easily volatilized or decomposed to produce gas, which causes the pressure of chemical drums and containers to rise sharply, causing the shell to expand easily, or even causing the lid or container wall to burst and cause serious leakage.

* Some chemicals will react with the air to consume the air in the chemical barrel and container, thus reducing the internal pressure and leading to the collapse of the shell, and in serious cases, it will tilt and lead to leakage.

* For chemical drums and containers using ordinary breathable products, there will generally be poor air permeability, easy leakage and other defects. In the case of surfactant in the chemical, the breathable product will also lose its breathable property due to wetting by the surfactant.

Specifically designed for packaging industry protection products for various industries of chemical barrels and container provides the best solution. It prevents the leakage of the liquid in the chemical drums and containers, and at the same time ensures the communication between the inner space and the atmosphere in various situations. At the same time, Xin acura film has good chemical compatibility, can be suitable for all kinds of corrosive chemicals packaging.


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