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Company Profile

Our History

Kunshan Xinzhenpin Film New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is an overall solution company dedicated to EPTFE film as the center, focusing on design, R&D, production, processing, technical support, R&D, sales and design of testing equipment.  

We have a strong R&D and design team, which can provide customers with high-quality protective film products and sustainable equipment R&D solutions. Customized modular protection products for customers. The products of Bizhenpin are mainly used in electronics, medical, automotive, packaging, small household appliances, acoustics and other fields. 

Products include Breathable MembraneSound-permeable MembraneWaterproof Breathable Membrane, Home Appliance Waterproof Breathable Membrane, Car Waterproof Breathable Membrane, Breathable Sound-permeable Membrane, and more. We can provide relevant testing equipment and a complete set of independent research and development solutions and related equipment according to customer product needs. We hope to continuously provide customers with high-quality products through high-quality service, continuous innovative solutions, and professional technology.

Production Equipment

Die cutting machine, slitting machine, welding machine, automatic welding equipment, laboratory, film workshop, circular knife machine

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