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Is it still common to ask the passenger to open the window and wipe the beads off the rearview mirror on rainy days?


Is it still common to ask the passenger to open the window and wipe the beads off the rearview mirror on rainy days?

Why wipe the rain off the rearview mirror? The impact of the recent typhoon weather, heavy rainfall, often see the beginning of the scene on the road, in order to safety considerations, I suggest that you understand the rearview mirror waterproof film!


In order to see the road behind the car more clearly in rainy days, the waterproof film can reduce the rain on the rearview mirror. Good rearview mirror waterproof film can reduce stains and achieve better water resistance, especially suitable for use in the rain is not very big environment, but the rain is too big, the effect is not big, the owner still need to be careful to walk slowly, in order to be more safe.

Some high-end models have rearview mirror heating function, there is no need to stick waterproof film, in rainy weather, only need to open the heating function, you can dry the beads on the mirror. The same reason in heavy rain weather drying function effect is not very big, but when the rain, or rain reduced, the effect is still very obvious, you can in a short time to dry the left and right side of the rearview mirror water, get a better driving effect, do not have to get off to dry the rearview mirror.

1, the principle of waterproof film

Due to the working principle of the rear-view mirror, several layers of reflective film need to be plated on the surface, so the lens is easy to have stains, thus destroying the use of reflective film effect. Waterproof film is equivalent to adding a layer of water resistance and oil resistance on the surface of the rearview mirror top film, its characteristics are very thin film, will not affect the optical performance of the rearview mirror, and can achieve the effect of oil resistance and waterproof.

2, the role of waterproof membrane

With a waterproof coating, the rearview mirror can maintain a good view in rainy weather and provide a better understanding of the rear side of the vehicle. It can quickly remove water stains, in a lot of dust road surface, also has a good anti fouling. It can keep the rearview mirror clean during the effective period, so there is no rearview mirror drying function, using this waterproof film is very effective. There is no need to affect the sight after every rain, can avoid getting out of the car to wipe the rearview mirror before driving embarrassing scene.

3, the validity period of waterproof film

Rearview mirror waterproof film can be used for six months to one year depending on the material, and needs to be replaced after expiration. Waterproof film in use constantly contact with the outside world, its surface will slowly fail. After replacement, you can get a better clear rearview mirror effect, but not timely replacement, but will be worse than the installation of film, but also affect the original function of the mirror. Regardless of whether there is a waterproof film, driving must pay attention to safety.


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