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Application of waterproof membrane on intelligent sweeping robot


During the use of the intelligent sweeping robot, if there is water on the ground, it may cause the robot to walk and slip, and the robot's slippage may cause the robot to hit objects and cause damage, and when there is too much water, the water flow may enter The interior of the robot thus damaging the interior of the robot. Therefore need a kind of intelligent sweeping robot with waterproof ability.
Aiming at the deficiencies of the existing technology, a new type of intelligent sweeping robot with waterproof capability is provided, which has the advantage of waterproof and solves the problem that the existing robots are easily damaged by water.
A utility model of an intelligent sweeping robot with waterproof capability, including a robot body, a fitting frame and a waterproof component. The edge of the robot body near the forward direction is provided with a fitting groove, and the inner walls of the fitting groove near both ends are designed as grooves. The fit frame fits with the inner wall of the fit groove and the inside of the fit frame near both ends is designed as a protrusion and the protrusion matches the groove on the fit groove. The installation of the waterproof component includes a water storage unit and a warning unit. The water storage unit is installed in the fitting frame.
Through the technical scheme design, through the first sponge pad and the second sponge pad in the waterproof component, cooperate with the water-absorbing conductive cable to transmit the water flow, so as to achieve the principle of making the closed switch conduct electricity through the water flow to activate the buzzer alarm, thereby preventing the robot from entering the water, and Remind personnel that there are water stains in front of them that cannot be cleaned, so as to avoid damage to the robot due to water stains.
Usually, manufacturers with relatively high quality requirements, in addition to structural protection, will also coat the surface of the circuit board of the sweeping robot with three-proof paint for protection. Most of the common three-proof materials have a strong smell, contain toxic and harmful solvents, do not meet environmental protection standards, and do not dissipate heat. Good, poor resistance to salt spray and other disadvantages.
XinZhenPin can provide advanced coating material solutions, and its excellent coating makes the surface of the product non-adherent to liquid. As a manufacturer of waterproof and breathable membranes for home appliances, XinZhenPin can provide multi-form nano-protection technology solutions and all-round services to meet the protection needs of different customer products. It meets environmental protection standards, has no peculiar smell, is non-toxic, and has excellent waterproof and salt spray resistance, which can make the circuit board of the sweeping robot well protected and greatly increase its scope of use.

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The above is the introduction of the waterproofing of the locator brought by the editor. I hope it can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the waterproof membrane, please contact the customer service of XinZhenpin!
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