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Innovation of waterproof and breathable membrane materials


The waterproof and breathable membrane has been constantly innovating and updating. Regarding the waterproof performance and the stability of the membrane, it can also be used in some more difficult scenarios.

IP68 film, that is, waterproof, breathable and sound-permeable film, is widely used in smart phones, smart wearables, handheld terminals, Bluetooth headsets, speakers and other electronic products that require waterproofing.
For watches with a higher waterproof depth and professionalism like diving watches, the waterproof performance of the waterproof and breathable membrane on the back of the watch requires no water leakage, but must be breathable. Such electronic products have put forward higher requirements for the waterproof membrane material market.
At present, the waterproof and sound-permeable membrane used in the water depth below 30 meters can be realized by conventional processing methods, but when the water depth is below 50 meters, not only the precision of the membrane thickness is high, but also the overall uniformity and stability of the membrane are extremely high. , It cannot be realized by conventional processing methods, but there are still efforts in the industry to solve this problem.

The feature of the IP68 membrane is that it can achieve the highest level of waterproof and sound transmission. While waterproof, there is almost no sound loss. It solves the long-term dependence on foreign countries for the core materials of electronic product companies, and at the same time will greatly improve the competitiveness of China's electronic industry in the international market.
Waterproof membrane material.
The waterproof and breathable principle of the mask: Looking at the waterproof effect of the outer, middle and inner layers of the mask under the same environment, it can be seen that the waterproof effect of the middle layer is the best, because the melt-blown non-woven fabric of the middle layer has a finer texture than the non-woven fabric of the inner and outer layers. The smaller the pore size and the lower the surface energy, the more plump the shape of the water droplet is, similar to the effect of the water droplet on the lotus leaf. The outer layer also has a good waterproof effect due to the waterproof treatment, and the inner layer has been treated with hydrophilicity, so the water droplets will be absorbed quickly.

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