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The principle of waterproof and breathable membrane


Kunshan XinZhenpin Thin Film New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is an overall solution company dedicated to EPTFE film as the center, focusing on design, research and development, production, processing, technical support, testing equipment research and development, sales and design.
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A layer of material used in the waterproof and breathable membrane is a new type of polymer waterproof and breathable membrane raw material. From the perspective of production technology, the processing technology requirements of waterproof and breathable membranes are much higher than those of ordinary waterproof materials; at the same time, from the perspective of quality, waterproof and breathable membranes also have functions and characteristics that other waterproof materials do not have.
Similarly, we can understand that the principle of waterproof and breathable membrane is that water droplets (thousands of water molecules) outside the electronic product cannot enter the electronic product through the small holes in the waterproof and breathable membrane material. When there is water vapor in the electronic product , a water vapor molecule can quickly pass through the micropores in the raw material of the waterproof and breathable membrane, and diffuse out from the interior of the electronic product through a diffusion movement.

The principle (basic rule) of waterproof and breathable membrane is that when water is in the state of water vapor, the water vapor particles are very small. According to the basic principle of capillary diffusion movement, it can pass through the waterproof and breathable membrane material from the inside to the other side (outside of the waterproof and breathable membrane) , so that the water vapor inside the product is transported to the outside. When the water vapor condenses outside the film and turns into water droplets, the particles will become larger, and because of the surface tension (interaction force) of the water droplets (the water molecules pull each other Counterbalance force), the water molecules can not be smoothly separated from the water droplets and then penetrate to the other side (inside), preventing the penetration of water, so that the waterproof and breathable membrane processed products have a good waterproof and breathable function, which is The principle of waterproof and breathable membrane is a principle for waterproof performance.

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