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Talk about the working principle of waterproof sound-permeable membrane


Talk about the working principle of waterproof sound-permeable membrane

Working principle of dust-proof and waterproof sound-permeable membrane: the diaphragm transmits sound through the principle of resonance. While protecting the components from the weather, the waterproof membrane of the speaker can also withstand water immersion, and the protection level can reach IP68 (water depth 1M, time 30 minutes). The horn waterproof membrane is also resistant to common liquids such as drinks, beer and coffee. The speaker waterproof membrane is often installed on the device port, which can maintain the sound quality. The product has a small size with adhesive backing, which is easy to install and use. It is an economical and affordable ventilation solution for the housing in a limited space. Consisting of a membrane and an adhesive backing, it comes in a variety of sizes and is durable enough to withstand immersion in water without degrading performance through repeated exposure to contaminants.
Performance of waterproof sound-permeable membrane

1. Balanced pressure relief: waterproof and breathable products release pressure through balance, allowing the flowing air to pass through the waterproof membrane to reduce the stress on the sealing ring of the shell.

2. Water-proof and dust-proof: waterproof and breathable products can continuously block liquids, insects, salt, sand and other pollutants, protect sensitive electronic components and improve their stability.

3. Easy installation: Waterproof and breathable products come in a variety of designs and sizes, including threaded, snap-on and adhesive-backed, and can be easily installed in any shell design.

4. The interior of the waterproof film is composed of many small holes with a diameter of 15 microns and 30 microns.

5. Excellent waterproof performance, not only can maintain stable air permeability, but also realize the ipx7 waterproof performance of the product frame.

6. Halogen-free: meet the requirements of RoHS directive and REACH regulations.

Waterproof and sound-permeable membranes are widely used in outdoor waterproof electronic products such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, mobile computers, mobile media players, Bluetooth, earphones, hearing aids, and radios.
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