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What are the benefits of Sound-permeable Membrane applied to electronic equipment?


What are the benefits of Sound-permeable Membrane applied to electronic equipment?

The Sound-permeable Membrane of electronic equipment used for waterproof acoustic electro-acoustic devices, the common main form is the waterproof and breathable sound-permeable membrane with adhesive backing. The Sound-permeable Membrane for electronic equipment with adhesive backing is made of waterproof sound-permeable membrane diaphragm and double-sided adhesive backing adhesive. It is generally sold in sheet form. There are four grades of IP54, IP65, IP67 and IP68. The higher the value, the stronger the performance. The Sound-permeable Membrane of underwater electronic equipment provides strong waterproof, dustproof, breathable and heat dissipation performance while maintaining perfect sound quality.

GOEL Sound-permeable Membrane for underwater electronic equipment has the following advantages: after professional sound-transmitting treatment, it ensures very low sound attenuation, low distortion and good signal-to-noise ratio. The back adhesive with strong viscosity and good water resistance is selected, which can firmly adhere to the surface of various products and withstand the test of various changing environments and long-term use. The raw material of mic waterproof sound-permeable membrane can provide various standard specifications and sizes according to requirements, and accepts customization. The Sound-permeable Membrane of the speaker is thin and light, and can be installed in the narrow space of the equipment. The finished product of microphone Sound-permeable Membrane is easy to install and can be installed manually or automatically.

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