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​The use of waterproof and breathable membrane on the sensor


Kunshan Xin Zhenpin is a manufacturer specializing in waterproof and breathable membranes.

The editor of the breathable film manufacturer will introduce the application of waterproof and breathable film on the sensor:

With the development of science and technology and the diversification of the use environment, the sealing reliability of electronic components is facing more and more challenges, and it also puts forward higher and higher requirements for the protection of electronic components. For sensors such as electronic Component requirements are even higher.

Waterproof and breathable membrane is a new type of polymer waterproof material. In terms of production process, the technical requirements of waterproof and breathable membranes are much higher than those of ordinary waterproof materials; at the same time, in terms of quality, waterproof and breathable membranes also have functional characteristics that other waterproof materials do not have.

Since the electronic components need to dissipate heat or need to adapt to changes in the surrounding environment, the sensors that need to use waterproof and breathable film protection products include inclination sensors, acceleration sensors, humidity sensors, chemical sensors, position sensors, temperature sensors, magnetoresistive sensors, angle sensors, etc.

Waterproof and breathable products allow air to pass through, prevent solid pollutants, water, and liquids from entering, ensure that the sensor is not polluted, and also ensure the sensitivity of the sensor. At the same time, the waterproof and breathable products have good waterproof and breathable performance and control the change of pressure difference in the shell caused by the balance temperature change, thus prolonging the service life of the sensor.

As a widely used industrial material, waterproof and breathable membrane has many classification standards, and many characteristics of performance and use may be repeated. From a physical point of view, there are usually two classification standards, one is to protect The adhesive system of the film, and the second is the material of the protective film. The waterproof and breathable membrane is made of high-performance materials, which can allow water vapor to pass through freely, but it can no longer penetrate after condensing into water. In order to ensure that the building is dry and comfortable, and at the same time avoid the condensed dew from damaging the roof and walls of the building, as well as damaging indoor items

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