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How to protect headlights with waterproof breathable film?


There are many kinds of lights on cars. It includes headlights, fog lights, taillights, signal lights, indicators, steering wheel lights and so on. For headlights, fog often occurs in rainy weather or high humidity, so it needs to be dispersed quickly.

Some headlights are directly connected to the atmosphere. The negative pressure caused by the shutdown will lead to external water, making the fog scene more serious and causing damage to the components in the lamp. The air vent adopts rubber diaphragm and high air permeability cover, which can solve the problem of light fog. When the fog dissipates quickly, it can provide good protection during the operation of the headlights to prevent the invasion of outside water and dust.

Car headlights equipped with waterproof and breathable film have good luminescence performance even in extremely bad road conditions and stable long-term operation. For fog lights, taillights, signal lights, indicator lights, turn signals and other lamps, although the light emitting element power is not too large, but the space is relatively small, so it also needs good air permeability, waterproof and breathable film protection performance of the headlights is high.

The TECHNOLOGY polymer material TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH center specially designed A suitable waterproof and breathable film for all kinds of car lights, solved the waterproof and breathable problem of all kinds of car lights, improved the reliability of the car lights, extended the service life of the car lights, and shortened the design and assembly time.

Waterproof and permeable membranes can also help your car lights block pollution from gasoline, diesel, hydraulic fluids and lubricants.

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