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Mobile phone waterproof breathable film.


Cell phones, cell phones, everyone has a cell phone. There are two mobile phones are normal, the basic main life has been inseparable from the existence of mobile phone, payment, query, navigation, urban life without mobile phone action.

But a common phenomenon in the replacement rate of mobile phones is falling in water, mobile phones are not waterproof?

What protection does a cell phone offer?
Manufacturers have greatly improved the performance of these devices, and many phones made today are "waterproof," which can be submerged in water or prevent water from splashing into the device. Mobile phone waterproof breathable film is now often used as a method. Waterproof and breathable film is favored by users due to its unique structure and performance, which can prevent mobile phones from being affected by rain and snow, thus effectively ensuring the normal use of these consumer electronic products or terminal products.

If the mobile phone waterproof breathable film is a good product, the spray from the water outlet will not pass through the mobile phone waterproof breathable film, if the waterproof breathable film is not qualified, the water will pass through the waterproof breathable film. And, when the waterproof breathable film is attached to the watch if it is not attached, it will leak from the position of the attachment.

Most smart phones will be "waterproof" concept as a selling point on the market, careful friends may find that there are a lot of holes above the phone, so how can you do waterproof? Don't worry, Xiaobian here for you to answer the mystery

Waterproof mobile phones are divided into two kinds, one is the body of the waterproof property, this phone is not afraid of rain, some phones can also be used in water depth of 1 meter, but the use time of this type of mobile phone is limited, about 30 minutes.

The other is the mobile phone equipped with waterproof device, this kind of mobile phone needs to be configured specifically for waterproof mobile phone design of the diving box, in the water depth of 30 meters to 40 meters can be used normally.

Waterproof mobile phone design principle
1.waterproof breathable film
Mobile phone speakers, earphones and MIC sound equipment are made of waterproof and breathable film, which is made of several materials such as special plastic, silicone structural parts, foam, waterproof viscose and ultrasonic seal, and plays a better waterproof role.

2.Sealing ring
In general, the front and rear shells, SIM card slots, power side keys, interfaces and sensors of waterproof mobile phones are sealed by silicone sealing rings and waterproof adhesives, so as to play a waterproof role.

3.three anti paint
Three anti paint material is more special, with good high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, when it is cured, will form a layer of transparent protective film, with good insulation, moisture-proof, waterproof, leakage, corrosion and other properties. Under normal circumstances, the metal shell will be waterproof with three anti paint.

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