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Electronic Waterproof Sound-permeable Membrane application scope?


Electronic Waterproof Sound-permeable Membrane also has a good application of good waterproof sound. With the development of science and technology in recent years as well as the variability and diversification of the use environment, the waterproofing and sealing reliability of electronic components are facing more and more challenges, but also put forward higher level standards and requirements for the protection of electronic components. In the electronics industry, electronic waterproof and sound-permeable film products are mainly used in walkie-talkies, mobile phones, audio, hearing AIDS, cameras, digital cameras, bracelets, smart wear, underwater cameras and Bluetooth speakers and other electronic equipment. There are many forms of acoustic waterproof breathable film products, just with adhesive waterproof sound permeable film products, there are round, square, rectangular, runway shape and other irregular shapes can be customized. The waterproof protection grade of the acoustic waterproof film products used in the vocal electronics industry is up to IP67 and IP68, which ensures the integrity of waterproof and sealing and the overall reliability of electronic components while ensuring good air permeability.
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