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Underwater Equipment Waterproof Breathable Membrane does what?


Underwater Equipment Waterproof Breathable Membrane Main functions:

1: Waterproof breathable membrane can effectively block moisture, salt and other corrosive liquids, so that sensitive parts of the equipment are safely exposed to outdoor.

2: waterproof breathable membrane in contact with water, oil and other liquids can quickly restore breathable.

3: The dense and uniform micropore distribution of waterproof breathable film can effectively stop dust while waterproof and breathable.

4: Balance the pressure to prevent the air and water around the sealing parts from entering the body and protect the integrity of the seal.

5: Waterproof breathable membrane can protect parts from the weather, can withstand water and other liquid immersion.

6: Waterproof breathable membrane makes the protected parts easy to clean, not affected by corrosive pollutants, to ensure component performance and service life.

7: Waterproof breathable film can resist UV, has strong chemical inertia, temperature resistance.

8: Waterproof breathable film thin and lightweight, with good concealment, for the design and production of convenience, is the ideal waterproof breathable products.
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