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Common Problems and Solutions for Waterproof Breathable Membranes


The following common problems and corresponding treatment measures may be encountered in the application of waterproof breathable membranes:

1. Membrane rupture: The waterproof breathable membrane ruptures during the construction process due to the use of inappropriate tools or materials. In this case, the ruptured part needs to be carefully repaired. If the repair is not feasible, the damaged membrane should be replaced.

2. The membrane is not tightly bonded to the base layer: The waterproof breathable membrane is not firmly bonded to the base layer, which may be caused by insufficient surface cleanliness of the base layer or inappropriate adhesive selection. Before use, the base layer surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove impurities such as oil and dust, and a special adhesive suitable for the base layer and membrane material should be selected for re-pasting.

3. Water leakage: Waterproof breathable membrane leaks, which may be caused by lax construction technology, structural defects or substandard material quality. The waterproof system should be fully inspected to find the leaking point, and the leaking part should be repaired or re-constructed to ensure the use of qualified waterproof materials.

4. Hollowing phenomenon: After the construction of the waterproof breathable membrane is completed, local bulging or bubbling occurs. It should be cut to vent and re-filled and compacted to ensure that the waterproof layer is tightly bonded to the base layer.

5. Water seepage problem: Water seepage in certain areas of the waterproof breathable membrane may be caused by improper construction details, material aging or structural deformation. It is necessary to carefully inspect the water seepage area to find out the cause of the water seepage, repair the damaged area or replace the aging material, and strengthen the control of construction quality.

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