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Working principle of waterproof breathable membrane


Waterproof breathable membrane uses microporous technology and special materials, and its working principle can be summarized as follows:

1.Waterproof: The surface tension of the waterproof breathable membrane is very high, which can effectively prevent liquid from entering and form efficient waterproof protection. At the same time, the molecular composition of the material is self-cleaning and repelling, which can effectively prevent sediment deposition and maintain waterproofness.

2.Breathability: The waterproof breathable membrane allows gas molecules and water vapor to pass through its surface, pores or porous structure, so it can dissipate water vapor in humid environments and achieve breathability. Microporous technology can ensure the size and uniformity of the breathable pores of the waterproof breathable membrane, reduce its water resistance coefficient, improve breathability, and maintain stable internal humidity and temperature.

3.Protection: The waterproof breathable membrane can provide additional protection, preventing external dust, chemicals, grease, etc. from contacting internal components, and preventing them from being compressed or squeezed and damaged. It is an important protective material in the fields of electronic components, automotive machinery, and outdoor sports equipment.

Therefore, waterproof breathable membrane has multiple functions such as waterproof, breathable and protection, which can meet the needs of most applications.

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