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Application of Waterproof Breathable Membrane in Automotive Exterior Lighting


Waterproof breathable membrane is often used to protect automotive lighting fixtures such as headlights, taillights, and turn signals, to maintain clear brightness and high efficiency under various harsh weather and road conditions.

When driving through harsh conditions such as water, fog, and rain and snow, the surface of the lighting fixtures is often fogged or covered with water droplets, affecting the focusing and transmission of light, reducing illumination and visibility. Waterproof breathable membrane, with its special physical and chemical characteristics, can prevent water vapor from entering the lighting fixture while allowing air to exchange to quickly dissipate the water vapor inside the fixture.

The special porous structure of the waterproof breathable membrane can ensure its breathability and prevent internal accumulation of water, oxidation, and corrosion of lighting fixtures. At the same time, the material of the waterproof breathable membrane has characteristics such as UV resistance and high temperature resistance, which can effectively prevent deformation caused by the scorching sun and high temperature evaporation.

Therefore, waterproof breathable membrane has excellent properties such as waterproof, breathable, UV resistance, and high temperature resistance in the application of automotive exterior lighting. It improves the reliability and quality of automotive lighting, ensuring the safety of driving.

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